Socratus is the Midwife of Collective Wisdom

Climate change, pandemics, agrarian crisis, automation, inequality: the lives of billions lie in the balance. Socratus creates spaces and tools dedicated to a just world.

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Solutions to wicked problems come from the collective wisdom of those who live inside that problem.

Wicked Minds

The Socratus Story

Wicked problems resist easy solutions. Human and planetary flourishing is threatened by climate change, inequality, lack of opportunity and weak social institutions. We believe that the wisdom needed to address these challenges is already there and only needs to be surfaced. In 2021, Socratus is poised to tackle wicked problems facing India through a series of events in partnership with civil society, government, academia and other stakeholders to address problems in diverse areas such as the agrarian crisis, climate change and livelihoods.

Wicked Sprints

Tools to Evoke Collective Wisdom

Wicked Sprints evoke collective wisdom, generate empathy, use predictive data to imagine future scenarios in reliable ways, and engage wicked minds on particularly complex problems.

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Immersing oneself in another's world.

The Sensome

Stakeholders immerse themselves in new worlds to imagine opposing ideas and make empathetic decisions.

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A Predictive Tool for Complex Problems.

Scenario Builder

The Scenario Builder tool uses factual data to imagine plausible future scenarios.

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