The Midwife of Collective Wisdom


The world has many ‘wicked’ problems that defy easy solutions. These problems are systemic, interrelated and intractable. We need collective wisdom to engage with the wickedness. This wisdom exists amongst us. However, it needs to be surfaced.

We bring together the 'right' people to carefully designed spaces. Over time we prototype some ideas emerging from these spaces. We also produce and distribute tools to imagine, think and solve.

Socratus seeks to midwife the collective wisdom that is needed.

Socratus strives for a flourishing society on a thriving planet. We have started work in the areas of food systems, urban systems and livelihoods.

We want to understand

  • How will India flourish in the era of Climate Change?
  • Can we provide nutritious food to all?
  • How will our cities become hospitable for migrant families?
  • How can our farmers live lives of dignity?
  • How will our youth respond to an uncertain future?
In Summary “What’s Socratus you ask? We take systems to task combining Socrates the Greek with a designer and a geek and collect their wisdom in a cask”

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