What is Greenup?

India faces a unique challenge in the climate crisis: we have a young and largely poor population that rightfully demands a life of freedom, dignity and prosperity, which is why every politician and entrepreneur talks about development.

Climate action in India will not be energetic and aggressive unless it becomes part of India’s quest for a flourishing society, but the normal path to development is carbon intensive.

Enter Greenup.

Greenup is a range of ideas and actions that are necessary for a deep reimagination and transformation of Indian society including measures for innovation, adaptation and resilience.

Our goal is to turn Greenup into an election issue in 2024 and to be able to completely change the climate discourse from a peripheral, elite policy debate to one that is visceral and central to addressing India’s future.

We will do so by convening Greenup spaces - online and physical convenings with supporting tools and research.

The collective wisdom distilled from these spaces will be the basis for a roadmap for Greenup with buy-in from the above key stakeholders that will be shared with the public.