Midwifing Collective Wisdom

A studio for thinking through and solving wicked problems


The world has many ‘wicked’ problems that defy easy solutions. These problems are systemic, interrelated and intractable. We need collective wisdom to engage with the wickedness. This wisdom exists amongst us. However, it needs to be surfaced.

We bring together the 'right' people to carefully designed spaces. Over time we prototype some ideas emerging from these spaces. We also produce and distribute tools to imagine, think and solve.

Socratus seeks to midwife the collective wisdom that is needed. Socratus strives for a flourishing society on a thriving planet. We think through products and spaces. We create process and tools as our products for planetary commons.


Wystem EPI (Ecosystem Programming Interface)

We are attempting to build an EPI (ecosystem programming interface) with our wisdom system, or Wystem as we call it, that uses computational concepts to help us build more robust ecosystems: recipes, exchanges and interfaces.


Citizen Juries

It is a space in which a jury comprised of regular people sit in judgement of policies made for them. Experts present their policies to an audience of representatives of various people's groups - as a way of enacting participatory citizenship.



Cooking with

Indigenous arts and crafts

Decentralised art on blockchain

Knowledge exchange interfaces

Art & educational organisations

Scientists, writers, philosophers, teachers, chefs, farmers, foragers, interspecies dialogues

Wisdom generation

Technology and social movements

Interdisciplinary ecosystem organisations

Participatory public arts

Open to everyone

About Us

We work with some of the most amazing people and organisations trying to make something for the better. We actively look forward to new collaborations. Reach out to us with any ideas or just to catch up with us.


Our Partners:

Edelgive Pollinator Sunapranta Goa Centre for the Arts Dhi Contemporary Dhi Contemporary Bangalore Sustianability Forum Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies Rainmatter Foundation giz giz

Our Funders:

Ford Foundation MacArthur Foundation Porticus

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