Goa 2019

Wicked Sprint: Farmer Incomes

More than 50% of the working population in India still derives livelihood from agriculture and allied activities, even after the number has reduced in the past two decades. A positive development in recent years is the increased focus on farmer incomes. Many farmer organizations have been demanding the guarantee of a minimum living income for farmer households. In 2019, Socratus convened a diverse set of individuals on the farmer income issue. They explored the various facets of the issue in-depth, engaging diverse lines of thought in collaboration with one another.

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Jaipur 2020

Wicked Sprint: Fertiliser Subsidy

India spends Rs. 1 lakh Crores on fertilizer subsidy, the second-highest subsidy after food. There are several problems in the system set up around the current fertiliser subsidy. There seems to be an acceptance among all stakeholders that there is a need to recast the fertiliser subsidy policy. However, there are diverse viewpoints and ideas on the path forward.

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